Louisiana Mayflower Society

Cotillion Attendance Form


Cotillion Attendance Form

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Guests will be send formal invitations upon receipt of payment. No money will be accepted at the door. Please list below the names and addresses where invitations should be sent:

(Please place additional names on other side)

Send this response form along with your check for $125 per person to LA Mayflower Society,

Mara Coiron, 1526 Arabella Street, New Orleans, LA 70115.  

Info, call Mara at: 504-895-1356.  

Email: cotillion@louisianamayflowersociety.com

Number of people listed on front and back for CotillionAmount paid for reservations to Cotillion * $125 each 

FINAL DEADLINE: Friday, November 6, 2015 

Louisiana Society of Mayflower Descendants Cotillion

Costume de Rigueur with Military, Hereditary and Patriotic Decoration