Louisiana Mayflower Society

News and Events

Each year the Louisiana Society has a spring luncheon meeting in May, a summer get-together, and a Compact Day luncheon and meeting in September. The Louisiana Society of Mayflower Descendants cotillion is held every three years, usually the following year after Congress meets in Plymouth.The meetings are fun and informative with interesting speakers, elections, and auctions that feature Pilgrim treasures.

The meetings are held in various locations around the state of Louisiana.

​For those members and friends seeking out more Pilgrim adventure, we encourage a visit to Plymouth, Massachusetts where it all began. There you will find The Mayflower Society House, and the official home of GSMD.Visitors can tour the historic house and visit the library behind to do genealogical research.

Pilgrim Hall is a must-see museum if you want to learn more about the Pilgrims.  There are always interesting exhibitions, and a permanent collection of Pilgrim items. Of note is the enormous number of books about the Pilgrim experience available in the shop.

Visiting the rock where, legend says, the Pilgrims first stepped onto land is a tradition in Plymouth. Situated next to the water, it is sheltered by a canopy with important landmarks and statues nearby. From there, you can see the Mayflower II, an exact replica of the original ship where guides welcome modern day Pilgrims aboard.

A few miles out of town is a replica of the place the Pilgrims first settled. Through interpretive characters, Plimoth Plantation encourages guests to converse with the Pilgrims, tour their homes, take lessons in farming the land, and taste 17th century food. Don't forget to visit the animals in Nye's barn.


July, 2014 - Summer Social in New Orleans, LA. Date to be announced.

September 2014 - Congress in Plymouth, MA. For info, go to www.TheMayflowerSociety.org.

November, 2014 - Compact Day Luncheon in New Orleans, LA. Date to be announced.

May, 2015 - Spring Luncheon in New Orleans, LA. Date to be announced.

July, 2015 - Summer Social in New Orleans, LA. Date to be announced.

September, 2015 - General Board of Assistants meeting in Connecticut. Date to be announced.

November 21, 2015 - Mayflower Cotillion in New Orleans. LA. More info on this website.

November 22, 2015 - Compact Day Luncheon, New Orleans, LA. Details to be announced.